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Bishop Gary Gordon's Easter Message - https://www.rcdvictoria.org/videos

A blessed and holy Easter to all of you in the Diocese of Victoria.

I’m standing here in the grounds of Mount St. Mary Hospital, a very wonderful place from which to wish the whole Diocese a very Holy and Happy Easter. Indeed, this time of year we recall the Scriptures, in which the women ran to the tomb, and upon discovering Jesus gone, went quickly to the Apostles. The Apostles ran to the tomb—and from that very moment, of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the whole people of God, the Church, has literally been running.

Running for what? Running because of the joy that fills their hearts to announce the Good News of hope.

Mount St. Mary Hospital is a place of hope, as is St. Joseph’s Hospital and all the other Catholic care facilities, because the reason these places exist, and why we take care of people, is that our hearts are filled with hope.

It’s a real hope, that gives real peace. Indeed, with Jesus Christ who is risen, our lives are filled with joy, which translates always into taking care of the vulnerable, the poor, the weak, the marginal. This is our legacy as Church. This is what Jesus has given to us, because he has destroyed sin and death on the cross and risen to give us all new life.

I pray for you all, that you may have this new life, and that we may all be on this journey to announce Good News, to literally run to our neighbour to bring this whole Diocese, all the people, the announcement of hope.

Jesus Christ is risen! God bless you, and Happy Easter.

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